Atelier Botanica is a family owned business based in Glenlyon, a tiny hamlet found deep in the heart of the Victorian central highlands. Inspired by the beauty and serenity of our woodland home, we craft our uniquely spiced tea and latte blends from 100% pure potent organic ingredients.  

We planted the seeds for Atelier Botanica nearly 20 years ago when we created our Pure Potent Chai Spice. Far from being just another spiced tea, we have intentionally crafted this blend for people like ourselves - devotees of exquisitely spiced chai.  It's our own unique recipe and forms the foundation for all of our artfully spiced organic tea and latte blends.  What we love about our chai is not just the way it takes us on a layered sensory journey; it's the joy it evokes in our followers. Each sip is grounded in rich, earthy base tones, these build with warming mid tones that take all the way to delicate and heady top notes.

Never happy to sit still, we've been exploring ways to brew and blend our chai spice. A brush with mid-life inflammatory conditions gave us the incentive to create our incredibly popular Golden Turmeric Latte, and because we are lovers of all things spiced, this was quickly followed by our outrageously luxurious Spiced Dark Chocolate. Our spiced teas and lattes naturally emerged next.

Do hang around, we are very much looking forward to sharing our spiced adventures with you! 

Nina and Peter