Crafting Your Own Chai Ritual

Atelier Botanica Crafting Your Own Chai Ritual

This is Atelier Botanica's chai ritual, our simple brewing method to get you started on your own chai journey.

Creating a ritual is like choreographing a dance between you, your companions and your chai. In crafting your chai ritual, feel that each element of your ritual is chosen as a loving gesture reflecting the season, the setting and your appreciation of your companions.

Ritual is experienced when consciously engaging in a series of steps, done in a considered way with the intention of elevating one’s mental state; a kind of moving meditation. Engage in a ritual often enough and with considered focus, you will find yourself able to enter a peaceful state while moving through the steps. Once you have found your inner quiet, the ritual will trigger that state in a much quicker and easier way each succeeding time. In this way, it might be said that if ritual is a vehicle for transcendence, chai is the fuel for the journey.

At it’s heart the ritual of brewing our chai involves a few simple steps. Once you’ve mastered the steps, craft your chai ritual to please your senses and elevate state of mind.

Set the scene - by assembling your supplies. Choose a setting that reflects the tone of your gathering, the season and makes you and/or your companions feel comfortable. Crafting your ritual is about drinking tea, it’s also about aesthetics, preparing a setting to share the pleasure of chai and doing so in a way that it is clearly done from your heart.

Choose your brewing vessels - a small saucepan to activate your chai mother. Another to brew your spiced tea, this might be a gorgeous teapot or brew directly into your teacups.

Activate chai mother - by bringing spices to boil and then simmering for at least ten minutes on the stove top. This takes a bit of time, so you can…

Attend to the finer details - of your ritual while your spices are simmering, heat your brewing vessel, arrange your cups, choose tea, sweetener and milk to suit your guests.

Strain chai mother over tea - to brew your chai. Reserve your spices to brew at least twice more.

Steep tea- meanwhile heat your milk.

After a couple of minutes - remove tea bags/ tea leaves, add warmed milk and sweeten to taste.

Serve - with grace. Be it a cup of chai with loved ones, a mug of chai with a boisterous crowd or; a quiet moment of personal contemplation, let the chai and the completion of this ritual warm you through.

With Atelier Botanica you can chai your own way.

Tea - to make your chai your way, Atelier Botanica's Pure Potent Chai Spice can be combined with any tea to suit your needs. Create a strong, earthy brew with classic black tea. If you’re cleansing or enjoying life caffeine free, try brewing your chai with dandelion, rooibos or decaffeinated black tea.

Milk - serve with your favourite milk, try dairy, almond, rice, cashew, coconut or soy, heat your vegetable-based milk separately to avoid splitting. Every milk has it's own flavour, sweetness and texture profile, this will affect the taste of your chai and lattes, so sample first and then sweeten to taste.

Sweetening - this is a naturally sweet spice blend. If you’d like to add sweetening, try old fashioned honey or brown sugar or mix it up more exotic coconut sugar, rapadura, agave nectar or carob molasses. We add a generous teaspoon for each cup to amplify the natural sweetness and complexity of the spices – joy!

Pure and Simple - our chai blend is rich and complex and can be enjoyed pure and simple - without any extra additions.  Brew in a teapot, steep for 10 minutes and top-up over the course of the day, the flavour of your tea will continue to develop.

And finally - we dearly hope you enjoy exploring and experimenting with our chai, teas and latte blends. Serve and share with those whom you love the most.  

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