Brewing And Reusing Your Pure Potent Chai Spice

Atelier Botanica Chai Brewing Guide

Use our unique brewing method to activate Atelier Botanica's No. 001 Pure Potent Chai Spice. Once activated, you can brew these precious, potent spices at least three times without loosing the intensity you so desire in your chai.

Decoction is the method I use to extract heady volatile oils from my precious and potent organic spices, making the inherent aromatic and therapeutic properties of each spice more available.

Decoction is a method of activation and extraction by the boiling of dissolved chemicals from herbal or plant material, which may include stems, roots, bark and rhizomes. Decoction involves first crushing or mashing and then boiling in water to extract oils, volatile organic compounds and other chemical substances. To achieve this, the plant material is usually boiled for 8–10 minutes in water, simmered and then strained.

The result is an exquisitely aromatic brew, we call chai mother. Use your chai mother to create countless variations of chai. This decoction of activated spices is so potent, that your chai mother can be used to brew another two pots of chai with out compromising the intensity of your chai. 

When you’re ready to brew again tip your chai mother back into the pot, bring to boil. As your spices have been activated, with these subsequent brews simmer for slightly less time. Follow instructions for any chai recipe. Between use, store your chai mother in in the fridge, dispose used spices after 48 hours.

Remember tea is a delicate soft leaf and needs to be treated with care. When you boil tea, tannins are extracted making your brew taste bitter. Steep your tea for just a couple of minutes in Atelier Botanica's activated chai mother for a brew that is potently spiced and lovingly grounded.

Because you can reuse your spices, 125 grams of Atelier Botanica's No. 001 Pure Potent Chai Spice will yield around 60 mugs of heavenly hand made chai.

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