Atelier Botanica's Breakfast Chai Ritual

Atelier Botanica's Breakfast Chai Ritual

Here at Atelier Botanica HQ, we begin each day with our own simple and very pleasing chai ritual.

I begin our uplifting chai ritual by bringing water and Chai Mother, or Pure Potent Chai Spice to boil in a small saucepan. I leave the chai to simmer over a low heat, while I head off to take a shower. When I emerge from the bathroom into the intoxicating aroma of chai I know it’s going to be a wonderful day! I then drop the teabags into a preheated teapot and strain the exquisitely fragrant decoction over the bags. From here, I brew just like a normal pot of tea. After a couple of minutes, remove the tea bags, pour in warmed milk and sweeten with a couple of rounded teaspoons of sugar.

We serve chai in our favourite China cups with a hearty breakfast and a serve of lively banter on the side. Brews 2 generous mugs or 3 – 4 cups of heavenly handmade chai.

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